Friday, March 13, 2015

Promo Models are beating the odds during economic downturns...

Did you know that Promo Models, Brand Ambassadors, Spokesmodels, Demonstrators--all of these consumer oriented folks--keep on working through good times and bad?

That's right.

Promo Models, Promotional Models, Brand Ambassadors--whatever you like to call them--actually keep finding work.


Because it's there!

Remember that the essentials for living are basically food, water, clothing and shelter.

After that everything is GRAVY.

What do I mean by that?

I'll tell you.

You see, any item that is not a requirement for living--and there are LOTS of these items--requires that people FIND OUT about it.

Ding Dongs, Pop Tarts, Chewing Gum, Dishwashing Liquid, Apple Sauce, Shampoo, Razors, Credit Cards, Auto products,--the list goes on and on.
But one thing all these products have in common is this:


Now, more than ever, Products need promotio multiple media channels, not to mention cel phones and apps.

There is no 'one way' anymore to promote products (that arent necessary to sustain life) to the public.
Of course there are digital marketers who can drill down into different databases and find the consumers who tend to buy certain kinds of products.

But in the helter skelter of the internet, smart phone, 5,000 channels on television--how do these marketers get new consumers to try their products and achieve brand loyalty?


Thats how.

Right now Advertisers, PR Companies and Marketing Companies are throwing money down, hand over fist, to gain access to consumers at LIVE EVENTS. They realized some time ago that getting the product IN THE HANDS (and sometimes the MOUTHS) of consumers is the very best way to generate positive feelings and associations with that product.

NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING beats actually tasting, sampling, experiencing a product.
Even non stop advertising cannot conquer the actual EXPERIENCE of a product in real life and in real time.

And that's why there's work out there for YOU.

If you know how to take care of your grooming, have good hygiene and know how to treat people courteously...
If you know how to generate excitement and to see the value in a product...
If you are an upbeat person with an outgoing personality...

YOU TOO can join the promotional revolution.

Because NOTHING beats having a live Brand Ambassador, a 'representative' of a brand to get the message out to people.

I'll be writing more about how so many people are making a good solid side income, and how some are actually making a FULL TIME INCOME in the field of promotional modeling...

Stay tuned...

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