Sunday, March 22, 2015

Are you hip to HBO's Togetherness? Get it together, man! A Talent Agent's must see tv...

A Talent Agent talks about shows he lives for....

Hi all,

Wanted to take a moment to tell you all that we are in the New Golden Age of Television if you havent figured it out yet....

Television has never been so exciting, intriguing and dare I say

Combining these facts: the feature film industry has become such an expensive prospect, and fewer films are made every year in the USA, 

The films that are made must almost guarantee the investors a return on their investment thus mandating a 'crowd pleasing' film that relies on historically proven formulas.

Television cable channels and internet channels have exploded so that there is an unquenchable need for great creative content  (content is now the new word for art ;0) )

So for any actors or writers who still have some antiquated notion that the small screen is somehow 'less than' the silver screen---put a fork in that idea...its done.

With this in mind I will offer you this Talent Agent's personal 'CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE' Television Favorites list.

This week, let's start with the new HBO Series by the Duplass brothers called TOGETHERNESS.  

Mark Duplass plays Brett Pierson, sound composer and husband to Michelle (played with complex subtle emotions by Melanie Lynskey).
Amanda Peet once again turns in a top notch performance, this time as Tina, Michelle's beautiful but absolutely spiritually lost sister.
Steve Zissis is an absolute inspiration as Brett's best friend and aspiring Hollywood actor, Alex Pappas.

What a fantastic show....

The writing is real. The show portrays the struggle to remain in love and energized in a long term relationship--certainly ground that's been covered before but here the characters are both so strong in their craving to figure it out, you can't help but root for them. Of course their are temptations and obstacles to this. The couple truly love each other but the thrill is gone and they dont know how to get it back. 
Anybody relate? 
I know I do.

Another major dramatic thread here is the path taken by Alex, Brett's best friend. Ready to chuck his life in LA and give up his Hollywood dream, Alex stays just a few more days before he plans to drive his belonging filled UHaul back to the midwest. In the process he falls in love with Michelle's sister Tina. Unfortunately his love is not returned but something about Alex causes Tina to question her shallow LA values.

Peter Gallagher turns in a wonderful performance as a Hollywood film producer and EVERY role is superbly cast by Jeanne McCarthy and Nicole Abellera of McCarthy/Abellera Casting.

Come on people, comment on this so we can keep this show on the air! Its been renewed for a 2nd season but it doesnt hurt to show your support.
(Your comments keep the subject relevant so that search engines pick up on the fact that people are talking about the show!  


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