Thursday, April 2, 2015

After more than 15 years in the agency biz, I've been mulling over the situation of so little accurate information getting out to actors, models and even younger talent and parents wanting to break into the biz  So I'm putting together some video blogs to answer the 'BIG QUESTIONS' that beginners and even advanced actors have about 'the business of the business.' or 'the politics of making it in Hollywood.' Or even just how to move through the Hollywood schools, photogs, reels etc.

So I'm opening up the floor guys and gals. I challenge you--tell me your 2 most pressing, burning, important questions about anything having to do with Acting, Modeling, Hollywoods inside secrets etc.. I'll try to incorporate the questions in my vlogs... Tell me...what are the questions that, if you could have them answered, you'd feel you were getting a little further down your career path as an actor and yes, even as a model. No question is too silly, too stupid or too simple. Remember, sometimes the devil is in the details. So let it rip...Looking forward to your queries.

Feel free to post questions in the Comments section on this page.

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